RR Auction's October auction exceeded consignors' expectations – with many of the most important and historical documents surpassing their given estimates.
Several media outlets covered the hidden gems of RR Auction's Remarkable Rarities auction. Take a look at which items made international headlines.
RR's August Apple auction boasted some of the rarest Apple Computer Company pieces that have ever been to market. Catch up on the results with our auction recap.
In Apple's more than 45 years of revolutionizing technology, they have released countless ad campaigns. However, not all of these were hits, so how did this tech empire create its lasting image?
Since our inception in 1976, RR Auction has seen some unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that have sold for astronomical prices. Join RR's Bobby Livingston as he goes through the top ten highest-priced items ever sold.
RR Auction's May Fine Autographs and Artifacts auctions sees an interesting mix of items surpass their estimates to take the top seller spots.
Decades later, vintage Apple products have been a hit at auction. See how RR Auction became the number one place to get your vintage computer collectibles!
Apple has defined the world of technology, but what did the beginning of its journey look like? One Indiana man has the answer.
RR Auction has become the top place to auction off your vintage Apple and Steve Jobs memorabilia.
Find out how one man brought some Silicon Valley history to the auction block and rescued it from a fate of destruction.

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