Introducing grunge music to the world with Nevermind, Nirvana exploded into the 90s armed with angry hits like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Come as You Are”. The band’s insight into rage and feelings of alienation are still just as appealing to fans today, as evidenced by the high price garnered by this Nirvana-signed Nevermind album at auction. 

Kurt Cobain's handwritten setlist their 1991 'Rock of Choice' benefit show pulled in $23,750 for its consignor.
Kurt Cobain’s handwritten setlist their 1991 ‘Rock of Choice’ benefit show pulled in $23,750.

RR Auction’s consignment team has also found eager buyers for a Nirvana setlist handwritten by Kurt Cobain as well as a fully-signed photograph of Nirvana band members, among many other collectibles. The latter photograph was mentioned in an article from Artdaily about our John Brennan music collection auction. Selling for a marvelous total of $14,323, this photograph features the signatures of Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and Dave Grohl who also wrote “If there’s one thing that would put me on the brink of total insanity, it would definitely be signing autographs all [expletive] day long” in blue felt tip. Grohl’s sardonic commentary about autographs made this piece a unique consignment for RR Auction. 

This fully-signed photo came from the personal collection of John Brennan, an in-person autograph specialist.
This fully-signed photo came from the personal collection of John Brennan, an in-person autograph specialist.

Along with handwritten pieces and autographed memorabilia, we have been consigned stage-worn garments as well. More recently, Kurt Cobain’s hospital gown from Nirvana’s performance at the 1992 Reading Festival was a prominent feature in our Marvels of Modern Music Auction in March 2019. “Amid rumors surrounding his health, Cobain famously took the Reading Fest stage while wearing the gown, seated in a wheelchair pushed by journalist Everett True, before attempting to stand and pretending to collapse” according to Spin. RR Auction was honored to auction off this incredible piece of grunge history.

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