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Elon Musk brought his entrepreneurial skills to Tesla and SpaceX, building a reputation as a successful businessman and CEO. However, his resume doesn’t end there. Included in his long list of companies is Paypal (formerly founded as X.com), Neuralink, and Twitter. His status as a leader in the world of technology has led him to acquire fans across the globe – with many looking for a chance to get their hands on Musk memorabilia. RR Auction has become a leading provider of Musk related pieces, and you can browse all of our offerings that range from common to one-of-a-kind.

Elon Musk signed dollar bill encapsulated in a PSA/DNA authentication holder.
Elon Musk signed dollar bill encapsulated in a PSA/DNA authentication holder.

Back in December 2022 while leaving the Oakland airport, Elon Musk announced to fans and paparazzi that he will no longer sign any more autographs – making his signature more desirable than ever. With this new revelation, Musk fans will have a difficult time adding his signature to their personal collections – but RR Auction has you covered. Sold back in September 2022 for $19,663, this 2017 series dollar bill showcases Musk’s recognizable signature next to George Washington. 

Gwynne's photo of Musk happily donning his Judge Dredd t-shirt.
Gwynne’s photo of Musk happily donning his Judge Dredd t-shirt. RR Auction sold this lot for $9,375.

Perhaps our largest set of Musk offerings came from his college sweetheart Jennifer Gwynne, in which she consigned a myriad of Musk photographs, autographs, and even jewelry from their days at their alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania. Original photographs like this one of Musk goofing off in a Upenn dorm room or wearing his Judge Dredd t-shirt were some of our bidders’ favorites.

“This picture was taken in my dorm room in the Quad at Penn,” said Gwynne, referring to the photo of Elon upside down on the floor of her dorm. “Elon was usually very reserved, but occasionally he would just get very silly and just want me to laugh along with him. So I decided to document him actually smiling.”

Gwynne's photo of Musk hanging out in her UPenn dorm.
Gwynne’s photo of Musk hanging out in her UPenn dorm. This lot realized $21,889.

However, Gwynne’s gold necklace became the star of the auction, selling for an eye-watering $51,008. Musk gifted this necklace to Gwynne for her birthday in late 1994 – fitted with an emerald from a mine in Africa belonging to Errol Musk, Elon’s father.

Gwynne's emerald given to her by Musk in 1994.
Gwynne’s emerald necklace given to her by Musk in 1994.

“I wore the necklace for a number of years on and off,” said Gwynne. “It’s mostly been in my jewelry box for the last 10 years (always reminding me of Elon, of course).’

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